#exposure: New Work By Joshua Black Wilkins

Exposure Joshua Black Wilkins Ovvio

New Work By Joshua Black Wilkins
 July 9-12 2015

Ovvio Arte is pleased to present #exposure, a series of new photographs by Nashville based artist Joshua Black Wilkins. The exhibition consists of 21 portraits. Subjects responded to an open call letting them know they would be asked to single out what about their body makes them most self conscious.

None of the images from the series will ever be shown online, and they may only be seen during the exhibiton’s short duration at Ovvio Arte.

Artist’s exhibition statement:

More than ever, when we watch television, turn on our computers, or look at the magazines on the racks, we are made to feel… less. Less pretty, less thin, less flawless. It consumes us. We are consumers of an unreachable ceiling of perfection.

As a photographer, and one that has been visually stimulated for most of my life, I am surrounded by images that are manipulated by teams of people in order to “sell” something. Photos sell clothing, makeup, hair products, sofas, lifestyles and dream cars. Though almost everyone by now knows that those pretty people on the cover of those magazines don’t REALLY look like that, we are still reminded that someone else is “more” than us.

Of course that isn’t true. We are all perfect. We are all flawed and lovely people. Thankfully we all look different. We have all had different paths in life. We have celebrated births, attended funerals, survived middle school and our twenties. We’ve been hired and fired. Loved and lost. All of our life experiences make our life. We’ve earned our scars.

This project wasn’t intended for everyone. We are told to shy away from nudity in society but lust for it behind bedroom doors. We are told to wear particular clothes and style our hair in a special fashion.

What I asked 21 people to do was expose their bodies and single out what makes them the most self-conscious. We are all critical of something and most of the time we spend money to cover up those elements of ourselves.

Each person was photographed in my studio uses 3 sheets of film. One of those sheets was from my very last box of Polaroid Type55 Positive/Negative film. I had always intended to use that last box for one special project, and this is it. Each subject was also shot on Ilford FP4+ 4×5 film. The shoots took less than 5 minutes per person.

Joshua Black Wilkins is a Nashville based photographer and musician. He incorporates large format film, polaroid/instant film, paper negative, paper positive, and tintypes in his personal work and projects. While he is not a traditionalist in the form and quality of his work, and most especially in his choice of subjects, Wilkins always shows respect for the history and continuing use of “analog” photography. Mr. Wilkins’ work has appeared in numerous major national publications and galleries. This is his first solo exhibit at Ovvio Arte.

#exposure Exhibition Hours:

Opening Reception: Thursday July 9, 2015 7-10 PM with musical performance by the artist

Friday July 10, 4-7 PM. Saturday July 11 – Sunday July 12, 1-5 PM

* Open Saturday 7/11 for the Wedgewood Houston Art Crawl 6-9 PM