Ovvio is Dead! La Volta is Born.

Ovvio Arte Thank You

Ovvio is Dead!

La Volta is born.

In 2005, shortly after the birth of our son, we took up in a 450 square foot store front at 17th and Fatherland Street to get back to the business of why we left Manhattan in the first place. In 2007, the East Nashville boom had taken hold and our art studio was bought for re-development, necessitating a move. As luck would have it, the building at 425 Chestnut Street in the then-sleepy neighborhood of Wedgewood Houston that we’d been eyeballing for years had a “for rent” sign in the window just days after we found out we had to move.

We gave the place a name – Ovvio Arte. It was obvious to us that there were artists of all kinds in this town in need of a venue that would exhibit and support their efforts. A place where all art forms could converge. We wanted to be that place for ourselves and others.

After a thrilling eight years, the Ovvio building and the surrounding complex have been purchased, and its imminent development has made it impossible for us to stay.

So much has been realized within those walls. None of it could have happened without each and every one of you who has passed through our door for whatever reason – and the reasons certainly ran the gamut.

Our profound thanks go out to you all!

This December we’ve moved on to a new space for more adventures.

See you soon.

Viva La Volta!