NEW VIDEOThose Darlins- “Screws Get Loose”premiere on SPIN.comDirected by Veta&Theo


From SPIN:
“The band performs in a dark, cabaret-like setting, and despite the questioning lyrics, Jessi looks fierce and fabulous, strutting in gold sequins and dangling from a ceiling harness in bloomers and fishnets, as do her bandmates, who are captured via a series of gorgeous close-ups while performing the unapologetic, jangly rock cut.”

From Those Darlins’ website:
We have been so ready to share the new collaboration with Veta&Theo of Ovvio Arte: the new video for Screws Get Loose!!!
Spin is premiering it today HERE
And here is an extended bit of what Jessi Darlin told Spin Magazine:
The cool thing about music, and art in general, is that people find their own meaning in others’ personal expression. When writing a song, I’m always aware that it will mean something different to each individual. Asking someone to take that song and put it into a visual format is like asking then to paint a picture of exactly what that song is to them. In this video, Veta and Theo (Ovvio Arte) portrayed “screws get loose” as a perfect representation of their lives, perspective, and artistic expression, as well as a perfect representation of the true emotion and intent I felt when writing the song. This is mostly due to the spectacular relationship between the band and Veta and Theo. We’ve all got a lot of respect for each others creativity, personality, and lifestyles. In short, we “get each other” and that’s what I like about the video most. They’ve created a piece of art that fits perfectly because they know where were coming from…because somehow were all coming from the same place.
What’s the song about? It’s about spreading yourself thin, going out on a limb, feeling the need for independence but being uncomfortable being alone. It’s about not knowing if you’re crazy or if the worlds just crazy. It’s about a lot of things, but it’s mostly about me and my life, and veta and theo used the perfect subjects to portray these ideas…ourselves. They used the band members to describe the ins and outs and ups and downs of losing control and fighting the guilt and shame of….well, your screws gettin’ loose..